Texila American University

MBBS World is a leading MBBS Consultancy set up by Go Abroad Training Institute Pvt. Ltd. which is an authorized representative of Texila American University, Guyana. MBBS World represents many leading MBBS universities and colleges in the world.  Texila American University is one of them and a top-ranked private medical university in Guyana. It plays a pivotal and reputed role in the global medical education sector. MBBS World represents Texila American University (TAU) because it is recognized as a leader committed to excellence in higher education, research, and innovation that meets the aspirations of the global community.

MBBS World feels proud to refer Texila American University because of its world-class facilities. The hostel Accommodation is complimentary for the students of 1st semester (first six months) and it is mandatory for all the students to stay in the college hostel for that time period, and later if they want to stay in a hostel for the remaining time period then they must pay 2000 USD every semester. They are free to decide if they need to stay outside the hostel then they can stay with a group of friends after the first 6 months which will reduce their living costs.

The International Hostel at Texila American University is very well equipped with modern amenities. They have 2-sharing rooms with individual rooms and a restroom, one hall area with all the required furniture, one kitchen, a laundry facility, and a Wi-Fi facility. All kitchen utensils are also provided to the students if they want to cook their own food. Since it is an international university so it is not possible to provide food in the hostel for all students as they belong to different countries. So, Texila American University only provides 3 different cuisines: Indian, Guyanese, and US. Indian students are very much comfortable with the taste and quality of food provided to them at the university’s canteen. The cost of food is around 100 USD every month for 3-time meals which are quite economical.  Overall, the living cost is similar to India which makes it a perfect destination for Indian students.

The MBBS World platform has been established to cater the aspiring MBBS students looking forward to a bright future by getting admission to the best medical universities in the world like Texila American UniversityThe university provides world-class medical education to students through their innovative teaching techniques, excellent training, and state-of-the-art infrastructure with a lovely hostel that makes them feel at home.