Our Services

MBBS World is the right place where a student gets the best services concerning studying MBBS abroad. To keep you away from all hassle Go Abroad Training Institute provides all the required services. Our MBBS consultant team has one-to-one counseling session with the student that helps us to identify the best country and university according to the student’s profile and budget for MBBS abroad studies.  We provide free counseling for MBBS abroad. Thereafter, the MBBS World consultant helps in procuring the offer letter, providing scholarship opportunities, preparing documentation, applying for education loan, forex assistance, interview preparation, finding accommodation abroad arranging air tickets, pre-departure, and post-departure support. Overall, we deliver smooth admission services that make our students feel happy and comfortable.

Free Counseling

MBBS World has a team of expert and trained counselors that help students in selecting the best medical university. The MBBS consultant team assists students in identifying their needs and professional goals and guides them to choose a perfect medical institution for accomplishing their career goals.

MBBS World provides Free Counseling to all Students
MBBS World provides Admission Processto all Students

Admission Process

According to the student’s profile and budget the MBBS World team helps students to select and file an application in the appropriate universities across the world. Our counselors provide a smooth admission process which makes students stress free.

Documentation Process

MBBS World team assists students throughout the process of passport application and easily procures admission letters. We do all the documentation procedures which are required to complete the admission procedure, attestations of documents, translation of documents, etc.

MBBS World provides Documentation Process to all Students
MBBS World provides Visa Support Application to all Students

Visa Application Support

To get the visa earlier our counselors have expert knowledge and they can guide you with all the required formalities. They follow a professional method that helps to move your papers ahead more quickly and get visa approval.

Education Loan

MBBS World team collects all the necessary documents required for education loans. We have a strong connection with loan agencies which assist in getting the approval of the education loans of our students in an easy manner.

MBBS World provides Education Loan to all Students
MBBS World provides Forex Assistance to all Students

Forex Assistance

MBBS World assists its students in getting their currency exchanged through foreign exchange companies. We help in providing the best exchange rates to our students. We help our students to get travel cards, debit cards, demand drafts, foreign currency notes, and so on.

Pre - Orientation Session

MBBS World counselors conduct pre-orientation sessions before the departure dates of the students. We inform all the ins and outs of the country where our students are going. It is very important from the student's point of view to understand the culture, lifestyle, people, and language and study pattern where our students are going to study MBBS. The pre-orientation session helps students in gaining confidence to live alone in a new country.

MBBS World provides Pre Orientation to all Students
MBBS World provides Post Departure Guidance to all Students

Post-Departure Guidance

We provide our students with some of the following post departure services:

  • We drop our students at the university.
  • We help our students with hostel registration and accommodation facilities.
  • We get the final documentation done for our students at the university.
  • We help our students in getting enrolled for mess service at the hostel.
  • We help our students in getting medical insurance.
  • We help the parents of our students with the visa application process so that they can visit and meet them during their course duration.
  • We keep proper track of our student’s performance at regular intervals and inform their parents on a timely basis.
  • We care for our students and our team is ready to help them 24×7 in case of any emergency.