MBBS In Nepal

Study MBBS in Nepal

The profession of doctors in India has always been given high regard. MBBS students in India are crazy to become a doctor because it is one of the most respected and rewarding professions for Indian citizens. However, sometimes their dream gets shattered with the declaration of the NEET exam result. The only option left for them is to choose from private universities of Medical Sciences in India, which is not a very good option as it is very expensive and on the same hand most students do not belong to the affluent class which becomes a big barrier for them to get admission in the private universities.

So, in such a situation studying MBBS in Nepal has also become a preferred choice for Indian students. Nepal is providing MBBS courses at a much more affordable fee structure as compared to Indian private medical institutes. The institutes in Nepal are well recognized by highly reputed organizations such as NMC and WHO. The tuition fee and cost of living are very low when compare with Indian medical colleges. MBBS colleges in Nepal are well known for their infrastructure and facilities delivered to the Indian student. The climate and weather conditions for Indian students are very favorable as well as the distance between India and Nepal is not too much.

MBBS Colleges in Nepal